The 5 rules for trade shows.

I have “worked” at a lot of trade shows and events, and I continue to do so. I love it. Now, a lot of my peers are sick to death of shows. I really enjoy them. I strongly believe there are some rules that should be followed to get the best out of them, both as a exhibitor or as a punter.

1) If you’re working on a stand be happy. The visitors don’t care what time you fell out of the hotel bar. They really don’t give a flying @£$% how your head feels they have paid hard earned cash to take a look at the newest and best the world (in my case Music Industry) has to offer. If you’re real rough, fake it. Smile and be engaging…. After all it is what you are being paid to do.

2) Have a stand people will want to visit. Don’t clutter it full of stuff but at the same time make the stand a place where visitors can explore. Have something on your stand worth showing off. Above all keep the boundaries clear. If you don’t want the masses playing or fingering your prized instruments keep them out of harms way… Put a label on it. Keep off will do.

3) If you are working at a show make sure you get time to see the rest of the show. Know what the visitors should make time to see. Know what the buzz product at the show is….. and know where to find it!

4) If you are visiting a show, have a plan. Know the 5 main stands you want to visit. Get the most out of your time at the show. If you have a budget to spend don’t spend it in the first hour. I promise you will see toys and goodies later on in the day. Spend at the end.

5) Know your product. Don’t think you can blag it. You can’t. Test everything the on the build day. Remember if it can go wrong, it will. Remember the 6 P rule. Planning and preparation prevents p@£$ poor performance.

See you at Gadget Show Live, BVE, NAMM, BETT, Messe, BPM, A2D or what ever else I end up doing.

Thanks for reading.

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