That classic modern sound.

I have been working on an album of material for myself this week. All covers of tunes that I love to play or sing (or both). In recording my version of The Beatles “Paperback Writer” I decided to go all ” modern retro” and record all the vocals on a Sontronics Sigma (Ribbon microphone) which arrived as part of a “Try it, you might like it” package this week. I must admit I don’t think it would work for vocals on every track I ever record but, to get you back to that Beatles vibe it was just fantastic. I’m not sure how (way to techie for me) but the Sigma manages to keep all the great things about ribbon mics like the smooth mid range, but still gives you the top end to keep things sounding sweet. Nice work. Take a look at the pics to see how I have it set up in an SE Reflexion filter.

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