RME Micstasy & Sontronics Halo and Delta Guitar Cab Mics.

I attend a lot of trade shows.  I am lucky enough to have been asked to go back out to California for next years winter NAMM show,  but more recently I was at a new event at the Emirates stadium. The Music Production Show (MPS) was a great excuse to chat to other folks in the industry and sample some new toys. Some of which I have been able to blag / borrow to try in the studio.

As I said in the last post I have never been one for putting pen to paper for the sake of it but I wanted to put a slightly different spin on what could be seen as a dull topic…. Product reviews. So today I have recorded a short track using some loan kit and put it up on the site for you to listen to.

All the audio is 44.1KHz 16 Bit CD quality .wav files that have been zipped. So if you want to listen to what  I have recorded and hear if you agree with my take on these bits of kit please download the files and listen for yourself on something better than laptop speakers or iBuds.

Whats new in the Studio.

Many thanks to Synthax UK for the loan of a RME Micstasy. An 8 channel mic pre. You can find out all the techie stuff direct from Synthax there is no need for me to copy it out (http://www.synthax.co.uk/products-catalog/converters/rme-micstasy)

What I hope you want to know is how it sounds. I believe there to be two schools of thinking here. Either you want a mic pre to be as transparent as possible or you want it to colour the sound so everyone knows what you have. (Oh, got one of those have you…… Nice)

Id love to have a collection of vintage pre amps but these sadly don’t come cheep.   In use the Micstasy was very easy to set up and works perfectly along side Pro Tools HD acting as if it were an Avid PRE (for midi control).

What you will be listening to is a take on the solo section of Money by Pink Floyd. To aid clarity I have kept it very simple.  Drums were recorded direct with Sontronics DM-1T and DM-1S on toms and snare. DM-1B on Kick and a pair of SE-1A mics for overheads and an AKG C451 on hats.
I added bass using the DI out from my TC Electronic RH750 head.

Another of my studio weaknesses is microphones. In my opinion a studio can never have too many.

Recently I have been using a combination of Shure SM57 (no shock there) and the new Sontronics Delta. The Delta is a Ribbon mic designed specifically for guitar cabs.
However, many thanks to Trevor and Lisa at Sontronics for the loan of a Sontronics Halo. This mic is  again designed for guitar cabs but it is a Dynamic mic. Blending the two has given some great results.

So what you will hear in ‘RME Son Money BLEND’ is Drums, Bass, Clean and Dirty guitars. The “Clean” was my 89 Strat into my JCM800 on a clean (ish) setting. The “Dirty” was the Strat again (what else could I use on a Floyd track) into my new 15W Engl Gig Master 15.

‘RME Son Money Delta’ is the same Drums and Bass with just the Delta active on the guitars.

‘RME Son Money Halo’ is the same Drums and Bass with only the Halo active.

RME Son Money BLEND (9.0 MiB)

RME Son Money Delta (9.1 MiB)

RME Son Money Halo (9.0 MiB)

PLEASE NOTE. There is no processing on this track.

There is no EQ or Dynamics processing on any of the channels.

There is NO reverb on any track.

This super clean approach is to help you decide if you like the sound coming from the Mics and through the RME Micstasy preamp.

I look forward to hearing your comments on these tracks either on face Book or by email.

I like the very clean sound of the RME. Much of the work I do is orchestral or it is at the very least music using real instruments.  The Micstasy does not colour or change the sound at all. If it sounded good in the room this will help it sound good on the track.

With regard to the Delta and Halo mics. I pushed the Halo (Dynamic) a little higher than the Delta (Ribbon) in the lead sound to counter act the warmth of the ribbon. On the Clean rhythm guitar track I pushed the 2 mics hard left and right. This gives the impression of a much wider sound from only one guitar.

For more into on the Sontronics mics check out: http://www.sontronics.com/

Let me know what you think. If you like it and what your  views  are on these or any of the other subject I have chatted about.

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