Real or Fake?

Welcome to the Location Recordings blog page. This is my first time writing for what I hope will become an ever-increasing audience. So please excuse me if I go a little off topic from time to time.

I don’t imagine for one moment that I will be a prolific blogger, but hey maybe I will come up with something inspiring or enlightening once in a while.

Did any of you see “The Gadget Show” on Channel 5 on Monday (7th Nov 2011)? Along with the normal tech related goodness was a section on can tech cheat reality. Otis and Jason (who I met back in August while working with Avid at Gadget Show Live) were challenged to tell the difference between Playback audio and real life audio. In this case the set up was simple. Can the two presenters distinguish a live singer from the same singer recorded and played back through very very nice B&W speakers.

If you didn’t see it then you might be able to YOUTUBE it or view the show via what ever the Channel 5 version of iPlayers is but in short the guys heard the B&W playback they found it tricky to work out if it was real or fake. That was until faced (in an audio way) with the real singer (I should note that both Jason and Otis were blind folded). I was reassured by this outcome. Maybe there is a place moving forward for live music if even the non-music professionals can tell the difference.

The other inspiration for this blog was a prompt from a friend (thanks John) that Zildjian have finally started shipping their new Gen 16 AE (Acoustic Electric) cymbals. I first saw these at the launch at NAMM in January 2011. Amazing, quiet cymbals that sound fantastic. Maybe this is the way to beat sound meters (Drummers the world over will know how this felt). I was very impressed. “When can I get my grease mitts on these” I asked. September. I was told. Then the price! As it turns out not over the top for 3 cymbals in a pack but still, its not the real thing, right? There are loads of features on the AE line. The controller or D.C.P. (Digital Cymbal Processor) can manipulate the tone of the cymbals to make a pair of 13” AE Hats sound like a pair of 15” heavy rock hats and so on. I’m not going too deep into this, it’s not a product review.

I think what I am possibly trying to get across is that real or fake it doesn’t matter. As long as you the performer or producer are happy with your output then it’s all good. Tech and toys can get you so far but talent and passion are far more important.

See you next time.


For more info on the AE Cymbal line check out


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