Real Drums, Real Rhythm, Real Players

How many of you project studio and home studio recordists wish you had the space or gear to have real drums on your projects? Or maybe you are a singer songwriter with a bedroom setup and you would love to get the power into your tracks that only real instruments can add. Well we are here to help. Send us your tracks and tell us the style of your track and we will add professionally played and recorded Drums, Guitar, Bass or Brass to your songs. We can then send you back a finished instrument mix or let you have just the raw unprocessed audio tracks.  And the price for this service?

Rhythm Section (Drums, Guitar, Bass) per instrument per song from £125.

Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor or Alto Sax) per instrument per song from £150

What do we need from you?

You can send us your song either as a stereo mix (MP3 or Wav) or as a stem mix. Tell us the style you want from the players. For Guitar and Bass parts please provide a chord chart. We will then send you a low resolution MP3 of the recorded parts within 48 working hours*. Once you are happy with the recording** we will mix the instruments if required and send you back a full resolution version of the recorded parts. Brass parts are more expensive due to a score needing to be produced first.

For more information on this or any other of our services please use contact page to get in touch.

* Payment in full is required before any recording work will take place.

** We allow 2 alterations to the track for free.

What our clients think

“Dude – it feels PERFECT to me.  Exactly the swingy / stray cat strut feel I was imagining.  What a glorious update!”
“I am seriously blown away by how great it sounds (even at low-rez MP3).”

“Seriously – you seem like THE guy to work with.”

“Everyone I have played the tracks for (even the rough mixes) is VERY impressed with what you’ve done (so quickly too – and at a reasonable price).”

“Sounds great – starts great – ends great.  You make the whole thing work.”
“I hope you get how much I’m digging what you’re coming up with.  Thanks for being my band!”

“Sounds excellent! I really like the fills…the China works nicely and then the move to the Ride breaks up the two parts nicely.”

“I wanted to let you know that my writing partner was so happy with the drums that he went back and re-recorded all of his guitar parts!”

“The trumpet player is pretty dang good too! Super fantastic!!!”

Just some of the nice things we have had said about what we do! Many thanks to all our past, present and future clients.

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