New toys for Vocals, Drums & Guitars

OK so no updates for ages then 2 in as many hours.I just wanted to share some of our new toys with you. Some bigger than others.

For drums: I tried out the new Shure Beta 91A and did a review for Pro Tools Expert. This was one of those cases where I really didn’t want to give back the demo unit so I got the credit card out. Trust me this mic coupled with the Sontronics DM-1B records a killer bass drum sound.

For Vocals (and other things): I’m am slowly growing our pre-amp collection and this was a must to get my hands on. The Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 is half valve and half solid state. It sounds great on everything I have tried it on so far.

For Guitar: I have been looking at the best way to control our Avid Eleven Rack. The TC Electronic G System is that and so much more. I use it in the FX loop of the 11R to add even more effects like pitch shift and studio quality reverb. I have also be trying these amazing little Bones over drive and distortion pedals from Radial. In the loops of the G System I get even more tonal options.


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