The key to any successful recording project is preparation.

The better rehearsed you are the better the final outcome will be.

What we do is bring along the right equipment to capture the moment. It might be that all we need to do is correctly position a stereo pair of microphones to record a church choir. On the other hand it could be a case of individually mic’ing all the instruments in a band and using a multi track recorder to capture the performance and mix it at a later date in our studio.

Studio vocal recording.

Whatever your project you can rest assured that we have over 20 years experience recording everything from operatic piano vocal duos to 30 piece brass bands. From string piano trio to full symphony orchestra and every instrumental grouping in between.

Clients are invited (though not required) to be present during the mixing and mastering stages.

We understand that from time to time clients may wish to add to or tweak their live performances. At our base in southeast London we can accommodate small numbers in order to carry out over dubs or additional parts such as strings or percussion. This can sometimes help polish a live performance. We also have a large database of instrumentalists should you require other players.

Horn Section Recording

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