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Back in the cold winter months I had some visitors from Audient. We chatted about my use of the ASP 008 mic pre. Here is the video.

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Along side Location Recordings I am now an editor for Pro Tools Expert .com. PTE is a fantastic site with free access to video reviews of all the latest software and hardware. For paid members (£20 per year) it has over 550 video tutorials ranging from how to get a particular sounding synth patch to how to recording guitar cabinets. Below are some of the gear reviews I have created for the site. You can find many more at:





M-Audio Eleven Rack Patches

Steve Lukather Patch – used in my Rosanna example

Eric Johnson Patch – This patch got event better when Avid updated the Eleven Rack with the Expansion Pack. The 50w Plexi sounds even closer to EJ’s tone.

Eric Clapton Patch – If you like Clapton’s 24 Nights album then your going to love this patch. Also set the Wah static about half way and play finger style. Mark Knopfler anyone?

Gary Moore Patch – Use this patch with a Strat and you have ‘The Loner’. Try it with a Les Paul and you have the tone used on the Blues Alive album.

Run Like Hell Patch – This patch is based more on the Pulse tone rather than the original from The Wall.


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