Just because you can, does not mean you should!

I have had a very interesting couple of weeks both in the studio and on the road ‘demoing’ for Avid and I would like to share with you (both of you no doubt) something that I am sure I am not the first to muse about.

Now I in no way wish this to sound like I am trying to get in the way of creativity, very far from it. When I’m at an event showing off the glory of Pro Tools 10 and the Eleven Rack I get a real buzz when I’m asked questions to which I at first don’t know the answer and have to go away and work out a solution to a ‘problem’ I didn’t even know was a problem. I love it when players and engineers tell me how they are using the gear in more and more creative ways. However……. the recorded music industry and I use the word industry very hesitantly has changed.

Back in the day (before my time at the sharp end) a band or artist worked and perfected their craft on the road. Doing gigs in pubs, clubs and bars and some of us are still doing it. In order to make and release a record you had to impress the person with the money. There were no such things as bedroom recording studios. A record company A&R would have to like what you do and see a market for it. You could call this a s*** filter.

Now as I said the last thing I want to do is stop people from being creative and making music but…….. Making good music is a gift and a craft. You don’t get good at it without doing it lots and lots. Like everything the more you do it the better you get at it. There are professional song writers who treat it as a 9-5 job so why should any Tom, Dick or Harry who has realized that he can pay £9.99 to get his bedroom master work onto iTunes think he has is going to sell his music to anyone other than his Nanna or Grandad who are going to say it’s “Amazing” anyway.

Even those who we think of as ‘TV production pop stars” like Lemar and Matt Cardle worked for years doing the leg work on the circuit to finally be discovered in X-Factor or Fame Academy.

I think what I am trying to say is before you commit you work to the masses and the potential abuse of the world stop. Think. Is this really my best work? Can I make this any better? Play your work of genius to people other than your family. Listen to all comments good and bad. Make more than edit and many more than one mix. Trust me you never get it right first time. If you are really serious about your final musical output get it mastered properly (more about this in another online rant).

And always remember…… Just because you can, does not mean you should!

As ever I look forward to hearing from you.

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