Eleven Rack Demo at Absolute Music

Way back in June 2011 the Avid UK demo team of David Atkinson, Sonny Williamson, Russ Hughes and myself made our way down to the south coast to visit Absolute Music in Poole. Sonny melted faces with the M Audio Venom synth (review and samples to follow soon). Russ showed off tips and tricks on Pro Tools 9 (ahhhhh back in the day) and I was showing off the amazing sounding Eleven Rack. To those of you who are asking “Does it really sound that good”? YES I think it does. This was also a good chance to dig out my Floyd chops.

This video was shot by the guys at Absolute but I don’t think it ever made it on to theĀ  stores web site.

If you have an Eleven Rack and would like some of my patches please check out the Resources page on the Location Recordings web site.

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