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New toys for Vocals, Drums & Guitars

OK so no updates for ages then 2 in as many hours.I just wanted to share some of our new toys with you. Some bigger than others. For drums: I tried out the new Shure Beta 91A and did a … Continue reading

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The 5 rules for trade shows.

I have “worked” at a lot of trade shows and events, and I continue to do so. I love it. Now, a lot of my peers are sick to death of shows. I really enjoy them. I strongly believe there … Continue reading

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New studio Toys part 2.

I was lucky enough to be asked back to work for Avid at  the NAMM show in California this January. I had a fantastic show, met and saw some amazing musicians and performances and took every opportunity to SHOP. Sadly … Continue reading

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Just because you can, does not mean you should!

I have had a very interesting couple of weeks both in the studio and on the road ‘demoing’ for Avid and I would like to share with you (both of you no doubt) something that I am sure I am … Continue reading

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RME Micstasy & Sontronics Halo and Delta Guitar Cab Mics.

I attend a lot of trade shows.  I am lucky enough to have been asked to go back out to California for next years winter NAMM show,  but more recently I was at a new event at the Emirates stadium. … Continue reading

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Real or Fake?

Welcome to the Location Recordings blog page. This is my first time writing for what I hope will become an ever-increasing audience. So please excuse me if I go a little off topic from time to time. I don’t imagine … Continue reading

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