Case Studies

Up Town Slow Funk

What happens when 5 mates get together to jam out some new takes on covers.
All recorded in one take with no overdubs.
We had a great time remembering why we play music in the first place.
Featuring Baggy Trower on Bass and Vocals, Jamie Brooks on Keyboards, Luis Correia on Guitar, Rosaleen O’Connell on Vocals and James Ivey on Drums and Vocals.



This project involved pre production recording of all the audio in the studio then once filming had taken place we edited the footage into the video you see below. Some of our finest work to date I hope you agree.


Studio Promo Video (Spinning Wheel)

Sometimes it is great to get to do something just for fun and this video is the result of just such a time.  Thanks to Jamie, Karen, Kit and Faye for playing on this track for me. Enjoy.

Monitor Disco and Lighting Promo Videos

Sometimes we are asked to work on projects that have little or no audio work in them at all. The following two promo videos were cut together from footage and still images provided by the client.  The voice over was recorded in the studio and applied to the audio bed track in Avid Studio (not Pro Tools). All audio level changes were then applied in Avid Studio.

I really like the way these have turned out. The pace is good and I don’t think the viewer gets bogged down in images at any time. The two videos are going to make up part of a much bigger Monitor Music promotional DVD and web re-branding due to happen very early in 2012. Watch this space for more sneak previews of this project coming soon. In the mean time enjoy these videos and a very happy new year  to you all.


The Gifted Demo Medley

The video below demonstrates just what we can do both in the studio and out in the real world.
The Gifted were in the studio for a couple of days back in the summer of 2011.
Drums were recorded along with scratch tracks for guitar and bass to give the feel of a real performance. These were replaced later and along with keyboards and many tracks of vocals make up the final audio recording. Everything was recorded into Pro Tools HD 9 and mixed in HD10. If you want any specifics please do let me know and I’ll post some presets in the blog.
The video was shot in September 2011 at the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe, Suffolk. We then edited on Avid Studio software.

If you have any questions about this or any other project you see on our site please do drop us an email.


Alongside Location Recordings projects I also work freelance for Avid (Makers of ProTools and Media Composer). In this role I am often asked to demonstrate or teach a new application.

The best way to learn any new product be it software or hardware is to use it so I decided to video something. What started out as me grooving along to a backing track turned into the production you can watch below.

I hope you will agree, not a bad one man band.

Production information.

This track was recorded in Pro Tools 9, Mixed in Pro Tools 10.

The video was recorded in SD on a Sony Mini DV camera and edited in Avid Studio.

If you have an Avid Eleven Rack please feel free to download my Steve Lukather Patch as used for the solo in the track.

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